Rebranding our candidates

Before we joined the Christy Smith (CA-25th) campaign, right-wing media groups had branded her as a liberal extremist because of her support of BLM and the Defund the Police movement. Alect identified four conservative blogs spreading misinformation, misleading the public into believing Smith sought to abolish the police outright. To successfully rebrand Smith’s image, our fellows devised a digital strategy to improve police relations. As part of our consultation, Alect advised Smith’s campaign on securing endorsements from the Los Angeles and Ventura Police Departments. 

When creating digital content, Alect thought it was imperative Smith publicize non-party allegiances to demonstrate moderacy in a majority purple district by committing to the Justice In Policing Act of 2020 as a primary campaign promise. Along with improving police relations, a push for family-oriented content on Instagram was made by Alect fellows who performed extensive statistical research on the 25th district’s demographics.

Smith lost the 2020 Congressional Race by a narrow margin of 333 votes — a significant achievement over her 2018 Congressional Race in which she lost by a margin of 5,453 votes. In part by Alect’s dedicated Political Strategy team, Smith returned from a fierce smear campaign, strengthened community bonds, and promised to run again in 2022. 

Influencing Last Minute Voters

Alect’s dedicated Political Strategy Team collected statistics on registered voters in the 21st district and identified registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 16%. Former Congressman TJ Cox won his 2019 candidacy in part by these numbers. When Alect joined Cox’s 2020 reelection campaign as a consultant, we discovered districts in the Central Valley had low voter turnout overall. In support of Cox and Christy Smith (CA-25th), Alect spearheaded an extensive content rollout of Instagram posts targeting less engaged voters. Posts emphasized informing the public on our clients’ policy issues, discrediting their opponents’ stances, and empowering specific voter bases. 

Smith Campaign

Alect decidedly focused on young, middle-aged, and Latinx voters of the 25th district. Utilizing Smith’s recipiency of the California Teacher Association Friend of Education Award as a way to connect with young voters. When addressing Smith’s opponent Mike Garcia, Alect advised Smith on using the policies of education, economy, immigration, healthcare to showcase his disloyalty towards middle-age and Latinx voters. 

Cox Campaign

In a joint effort by Alect’s Policy and Political Strategy Teams, Alect advised Cox on addressing his opponent David Valadao on four key issues: nutrition, student loans, healthcare, and fiscal tax cuts. Valadao had grossly misrepresented his constituents on these issues and relied on a fierce smear campaign to regain his congressional seat. Alect’s Media Team began a second Instagram called Students for TJ Cox, aimed at upholding the congressman's trustworthy community image.