Over the past month, Alect was involved in the Georgia Senate runoffs, which propelled the nation’s youngest Senator into office and flipped the GOP-held chamber. Entering the race, leadership knew that the close general election and years of grassroots organizing to register Black, Latinx and Asian American voters would make high turnout critical to Democratic victories and a blue Senate. In turn, the results would heavily impact many of Alect’s youth policy priorities, such as a green economy, student loan reform, and a living wage. Thus, from the beginning Alect sought to balance a push for voter engagement with an understanding of the race’s importance for young people. 

Amidst the millions of doors knocked and calls made in Georgia, Alect carved out its niche not only as a hub for youth phone banking, but one owned and operated by students themselves. In 184 shifts, over 11,000 calls went out to voters from fellows and volunteers, including fifty students from a local high school who were new to making calls. To prepare these recruits, Alect hosted live training sessions on the critical nature of the race, as well as how to empathize with voters. Additionally, ten civically engaged students from New York, Georgia, and Chicago joined our nationwide community of fellows to take on the political challenges of this election and beyond. 

Following the runoffs, Alect has further developed its services with a restructured political strategy team, led by college students with broad professional and academic experience. This includes positions in the campaigns of renowned progressives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez (D, NY-14) and Rep. Ro Khanna (D, CA-17). In the future, this team will focus on smaller yet critical state-level races where expertise can be developed in specific districts. The volunteer and recruitment push of the runoff elections will be crucial to the strategy team’s efforts, as Alect has proved it can mobilize students new and experienced to get involved in the races that matter.

Raphael Warnock

Policy Alignment

The recent Georgia elections have brought a new era of policy to the state starting with their first-ever Black senator. Raphael Warnock grew up at Savannah’s Kayton Homes public housing and learned the value of hard work from his parents. From a young age, Senator Warnock preached to Georgia’s working class, reflected in his support of a fair tax system that unburdens working families. Warnock’s humble beginnings formed his economic policy and a promise to help the people who feel disregarded by the government. He believes that change starts by listening to experts about reopening Georgia’s economy safely and supporting those who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Also significant among the Senator’s policies are the protection of small businesses from regulations, advocating for livable wages, revoking tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs, and prioritizing American businesses. From a demographic and political standpoint, Warnock’s victory marks the end of a historically red state, largely attributed to positive trends in registration among Black, Latin, and Asian voters in the past years and months. The political shift occurring across the state shows that Georgia citizens are ready for new policies and leaders that will get them out of the pandemic and build back the state’s economy. Warnock believes that small businesses are crucial to Georgia’s economy because they not only incentivize local markets but will also help employ Georgia citizens. Being the first black senator from Georgia, Warnock will especially help Black entrepreneurs attain capital and find economic success. In addition, Ralph Warnock’s policies have many overlaps with the beliefs of Alect Political while Gen Z makes up about 1 in every 10 voters and was a crucial part of Warnock’s victory. His inclusion and engagement of young voters helped put him over the edge. His message to never leave any citizen uncounted inspired Gen Z to support the blue wave in Georgia. This new era of economic growth will help Georgia’s most needy, and help to continue growing back the state’s markets following the pandemic. 


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