Content & Comms Fellow

Flex your content production and communication skills to empower the voices of Miami youth and minorities.


  • develop media content (including copy, graphics or motion graphics) for digital strategy campaigns on a regular basis
  • use your core knowledge of visual psychographics to create scientifically engaging and empowering content
  • may be required to be on the ground for voter engagement events such as voter registration, visibility events and education events

Desirable Qualities

  • passionate self-starters that strive for excellence in everything they do
  • visible demonstration of experience and or knowledge in the abilities and roles above
  • a miami-dade local with heavy ties in the community and a deep passion for improving the quality of life and civil engagement
  • undergraduates and graduates are welcome to apply. While high schoolers are able to apply, we're looking for incredibly driven high schoolers who will easily be able to execute the tasks above
  • planning to live in Miami-dade for at least 3 more years
  • incredibly organized, obsessed with planning and organization
  • excellent at managing time, meeting deadlines before they are due and with a passion to rapidly expand ones knowledge


  • remote coordination with Alect's team although you will often report and create digital assets for in-person, community events
  • 5 hours a week for a minimum of 3 months
  • unpaid but eligible for volunteer and academic credit


  • Walk away with real production and comms experience, positioning you to support PR crises, navigation of echo chamber content strategy, voter persuasion and core asset creation skills to land you a job in any consulting, business or political setting on the execution and content production side.
  • unpaid but eligible for volunteer and academic credit
  • chance to demonstrate academic excellence and career goals

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